About Us

GRILLLITE® PTY LTD was established with the main purpose of providing outstanding unique mobile grilling experience, be it outdoor camping adventures or indoor in the comfort of your home without needing no SAS Fire training.

GRILLLITE® GL-1001, a notebook sized grill, is our first invention into the food service industry.

The various products we offer not only cater to consumers with limited outdoor space such as apartments or town styled living but also gives grilling a bijou touch when catering for large functions in a formal gathering.

GRILLLITE® GL-1001 along with it's carry-on cooler bag not only put swag on it's portability but also functional with it's dimension when grilling and brilliant for storage when not in use.

In the next couples of months watch this space for our featured products updated monthly.

No more heavy BBQ lifting or needing large space as GRILLLITE® is here to stay!!!