GRILLLITE® GL-1001 Black Notebook Grill


Product Description

GRILLLITE® is your modern style /way of grilling. Whether grilling all by yourself, spending time with families and friends or going away on an outdoor adventure. This equipment have been uniquely designed for easy setup, use and carry on.

It is usable from singles/families with limited balcony space; for fine dining in the hospitality industry catering for a large group/guests; for outdoor safari/camping adventure. This unique equipment also gives you personalized grilling experience without no SAS Fire training needed. It’s one good way to introduce kids into the art of grilling or anyone learning to grill without burning.

This unique equipment is for everyone.


  • High quality patented design
  • Super slim Laptop Notebook size-like grill
  • Heat resistant finish
  • Easy to carry and store
  • Stainless steel and Powder coating finish for top cover
  • Chrome plated grill and charcoal rack
  • Folds into 42mm width
  • High Quality polyester fabric GRILLLITE® carry-on bag
  • Different compartments in carry-on bag designed with AL film and 210D material for heating and cooling effect on grill and food storage when outdoors


  • Materials : stainless steel (silver) ; Steel with electrolysis and powder coding finish for other colors
  • Heat resistant coating and treatment
  • Unfolded product size 360 x 255 x 42mm
  • BBQ chrome pate 340 x 230mm
  • Sleek design with petite dimension of 3.2kgs in weight


  • 1 x GRILLLITE®
  • 1 x GRILLLITE® Carry-on Cooler Bag
  • 1 x BBQ Tool set


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